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Village Elections to Take Place November 8th

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The Village of Pender will hold local elections on November 8th. Learn who's on the ballet, and why your vote matters.

The Importance of Local Elections, especially Board Member Elections

When choosing candidates for local government, voters tend to disregard local elections in their community, as opposed to larger elections. Regardless of the status of the election, each election requires just as much attention as the next. Local judges, sheriffs, governors, mayors, and Village Board Members all play a major role in the lives of American citizens, just as much as the President does.

Our local elections direct the day-to-day operations of our immediate surroundings, like schools, parks, roads, libraries, and so much more. Voting in local elections helps solve issues that occur in your community. For example, if a city faces issues with crime, voting for a good sheriff would help solve the issue. If a county school system begins to fail, people on the Board of Education can fight for more funding, or advocate for teachers’ and students’ safety. Each part of the community requires attention, and if your community holds an election, people should definitely participate by getting up and casting a ballot! Local elections give the people an easy opportunity to make their communities better.

Local elections determine how well a city functions based on the decision of the people. They make policies regarding what types of development can take place in certain zoning districts within the city limits or in unincorporated parts of the county.

Ultimately, board member elections are most important to organizations when they prove to members and employees that they’re a priority and their confidence is held in high regard. When leaders demonstrate openness to change members will be more likely to engage.

This November 8, get out and VOTE!

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