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Community Services

Fire & Rescue Department

Chief: Terry Mailloux

314 Maple St. | 402-385-2255

Police Department

106 N. 5th St. | 402-385-3018

Water, Office, & Emergency Management

Chris Reha * 

Street, Dump & Sewer

Parks & Recreation, & Fire Department

Robbie Welsh *

Pool, Rose Hill Cemetary, Gas, Airport, Insurance & Building Permits

Dr. David Hoelting *

Library & Electric

Glen Grahleer *

Thurston County Courthouse

* The Utilities Superintendent oversees these departments as well. The board members identified are responsible for working in conjunction with the Utilities Superintendent and their staff to ensure the departments serve the community's needs. 

Community Leaders

Chris Brader | Village Utility Superintendent

614 Main St. | 402-922-0999

Nikki Tyrrell-Feltes | Village Clerk

Kylee Riggs | Village Deputy Clerk

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