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Why is Economic Development Important?

Simply put, cities with more resources are better equipped to provide for their communities. Economic development increases tax revenues, available jobs, and opportunities for citizens.

7 Keys to Successful Economic Development

Many Economic Development Directors or Coordinators believe that successful economic development efforts all share the following common traits. They are:

  • Begin with a vision translated effectively into a plan.

  • Are regional and focused on primary jobs.

  • Are vocally represented by the public and private sectors.

  • Continuously communicate the vision and the plan.

  • Have economic development, and other entities responsible for implementation, who understand and accept their roles in implementing the vision, incorporate those roles into their organization's strategic plans, and establish ongoing benchmarks to the goals.

  • Celebrate successes no matter where they occur in the region ALWAYS giving credit to the vision/plan.

  • Review the vision/plan periodically and adjust as needed.

6 Opportunities to Facilitate Economic Development

You don’t have to work with the local government to contribute to economic development. Many efforts extend beyond what the government can or should do. There are many ways to get involved, including:

  • Start a local group or event.

  • Join a local council or committee.

  • Ask local representatives what is being done to further the economic development of your town.

  • Support local efforts and events.

  • Purchase from local businesses in town such as gas stations, grocery and hardware stores

  • Purchase/ take part in local fundraisers from local organizations such as buying Girl Scout Cookies or Popcorn from the Boy Scouts.

Locally, the Pender Economic Development Coordinator Ms. Diann Ballard works hard on a daily basis to help promote both Pender and Thurston County through her efforts. Within just the last quarter, Diann was able to complete the following efforts to promote the Village of Pender:

  • The PCD Facebook page is active and popular; we have 769 followers.

  • The Pender Thurston Chamber page, as well as the Pender Help Wanted pages are all used frequently.

  • Diann continues to work with the Thurston County Tourism Committee on grant applications; grant reimbursements; and existing grants.

  • Diann compiles Welcome Packets for the Community Center.

  • The Pender brochure is updated and available. This latest version is also uploaded to the website.

These are just a few of the many things Diann as well as the Pender Economic Development Group are involved with.

The Pender Economic Development group meets twice a month on the 2nd Monday and 4th Monday of the month at 12:00 p.m. at the Pender Community Center, Community Room # 1. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information on PCD and resources to start a local business, feel free to reach out to the following people:

Pender Economic Development

Diann Ballard, Coordinator

402-922-1652 or email:

Things we can help with:

  • Locating a building or office site

  • Utility contractors, hookups or assistance with outreach

  • Connecting you with business and financial resources

Village of Pender

Contact Name: Nicole Tyrrell-Feltes

Contact Phone: 402-385-3232


Village of Thurston

Contact Name: Diann Ballard

Contact Phone: 402-922-1652


Pender Thurston Chamber of Commerce

Contact Name: Connie Wichman

Contact Phone: 402-385-3200


Frontier Bank

Contact Name: Mike Minert

Contact Phone: 402-385-3063


Charter West Bank

Contact Name: Derwin Roberts

Contact Phone: 402-385-3200


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