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Community Attitude Survey Results

From mid-September through October, Village of Pender residents had the ability to take part in a Community Attitude Survey. Now, the results are in.

The Village of Pender recently conducted a Community Attitude Survey, available both online and in paper form. The survey asked for opinions and suggestions from community members on a variety of topics, from the basic services in the community to the current conditions of public amenities. Utilities, housing, economic growth, and other pertinent topics were covered across 31 questions, the majority of which asked respondents to use a ranking system of 1-5. The survey, which was open from mid-September to late October 2022, was completed by 187 respondents.

The responses of the Community Attitude Survey were collected and compiled into an Excel Spreadsheet using the online service Survey Monkey. These responses were then presented at a Town Hall meeting at the Pender Community Center on January 17, 2023. At this meeting, community members were given the opportunity to obtain a paper copy of the survey results and learn of the respondents’ top concerns and priorities for the Village of Pender. Meeting attendees were also asked to comment on the survey results and to provide a list of their own concerns and priorities for the community.

The process of the survey collection and Town Hall meeting is instrumental in demonstrating participation by community citizens as a component of both federal and state grant applications. Specifically, the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program requires periodic surveys to identify community and neighborhood problems, issues, and needs, followed by a Town Hall meeting to discuss the results and make priorities.

You may view the survey results below.

Village of Pender Survey Results
Download PDF • 225KB

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