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5 Simple Ways to Keep Moving This Winter

As we are entering the winter season, it can be very tempting and easy just to sit indoors, grab some hot chocolate or coffee and hibernate for the winter. Now, that sounds amazing and that is all great. However, it is also essential for our physical health and mental health, and overall well-being to get up and get moving during these cold winter months.

Here are just some ideas to keep moving this winter:

Move during a TV break

When the weather outside is not cooperating and you may be forced to be indoors in front of the TV, you can still get some movement in. Quick bursts of cardio like jumping jacks, shadow boxing, or pushups and lunges make for effective movements and a workout during commercials or during your favorite holiday movie.

Walking in a winter wonderland

You can go on a snowy walk with your partner, take your dog for a walk, or do an extra lap walking around the mall or the grocery store aisle. Brisk walking can get your heart pumping and the sun by being outside can help improve your mood.

Household chores

You probably did not know that household chores would count also. With a little speed, tidying up a room or your house can be good exercise. Also, snow shoveling can be a good workout as well. With shoveling snow, make sure to avoid straining muscles by using proper bending and lifting techniques. Make sure to keep breathing and moving your legs, push rather than lift the snow and make sure to take breaks as needed.

Run on the treadmill in your local gym or at home when you cannot get outside

If you do not have time to make it outside or if the weather is not cooperating, working out/running on a treadmill is a great alternative to stay active and still do some strength training.

Be Creative

Other things you can do for movement in the winter months to make things fun and creative can include but are not limited to:

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalators

  • Dance to your favorite songs

  • Walk around town instead of driving (or ride a bike if there isn’t much traffic)

  • Get creative with active video games such as Dance Dance Revolution.

It can be easy to be stuck in a rut during the long winter months, but we hope these tips/ideas give you some ways to help continue to keep you active during the winter season. As always, make sure to check the weather forecast in advance so you know what to prepare for, and always don’t forget to bundle up and stay warm!

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